Human Resource Management

Decisions such as whom to hire, what to pay, evaluating employee performance directly have an effect on employees’ motivation and capability to provide goods and services that consumers value. Companies that effort to amplify their competitiveness by investing in innovative technology and promoting quality right through the organization also invest in state-of-the-art recruitment, training, and compensation practices. The concept of “human resource management” implies that employees are capital of the employer. As a type of resource, human capital means the organization’s employees, described in terms of their training, skill, decision, intellect, dealings, and insight the employee uniqueness that can put in economic value to the organization. This vision means employees in today’s organizations are not simply replaced parts of a system but the foundation of the company’s accomplishment or collapse. By influencing who works for the organization and how those people work, human resource management therefore contributes to fundamental measures of an organization’s performance such as excellence, profit-ability, productivity and customer satisfaction.

With the help of Unit Serve, organizations can manage their human resource activities. Recruitment related tasks such as keeping records of resumes, interview data and other employee joining formalities happen at the click of a mouse. Attendance, leave & reimbursement records are automated and other such related reports are at an easy disposal of designated personnel. An HR user can

1. Manage Interviews

2. Manage Joining

3. Manage Attendance

4. Manage news updates inside organization

5. Manage documents

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